Our mission

Incorporating animals into a whole-person approach to mental health treatment.  



We want to help people suffer less and find what may work for them to improve their quality of life.   Animals can be an incredible catalyst for change.


We strive to educate through speaking, advocate for those suffering, and promote incorporating animals into the lives of those faced with mental health challenges. 


Our Vision:

One day, we hope that treatment providers and facilities will work with animals as a primary tool to support mental health, wellness, and recovery.  There is much that can be learned through our relationship with animals, and through this connection, many are able to find hope, improve their quality of life, reduce symptoms, participate in their recovery, and open themselves up to the prospect of change.

We are optimistic this approach could change the way we treat mental health conditions, and give people another powerful tool to experience the joy of life, amongst some great challenges

Primary Focus-Dogs


We honor and respect anyone's choice of animals, as we are all individuals on our unique journey in life.  However,  dogs hold a special place for a variety of reasons and that is why they are the primary focus of Go Fetch Wellness.  Dogs can bridge isolation through connection, encourage exercise, and provide a sense of purpose.  Dogs live in the present and by observing them, one can remain more grounded, practice mindfulness, and experience a decrease in anxiety, irritability, and depression.  Earl, and other canines like him, can be a tremendous comfort for individuals who are suffering, even in their darkest hours. 

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Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, which one is right for you?