Go Fetch Wellness is based in Atlanta, Georgia, but we work with individuals and organizations across the country.

Our primary focus is addressing mental health through the human-animal connection. Basically, people, pets, and mental health! It amazes us everyday to see how animals, particularly dogs, can help connect people to each other. We use that initial connection as a way to open up the conversation around mental health. All to often, it gives others the opportunity to speak about the positive role a pet has played in their life. As the conversation continues, many times, people open up about their own struggles or that of a friend or family member. For many, this could be the only time they have ever spoken about their mental health. That initial breakthrough is healing on a variety of levels.

Earl and I are currently traveling around the Western U.S. addressing mental health in some of the hardest hit communities in the country. We use each conversation as a chance to educate others, encourage them to reach out when they need help, and contribute to ending stigma of mental illness.

Our services range from speaking engagements, to staff trainings, or consulting for those looking to add an animal to their wellness plan.

We are able to conduct in-person sessions or remotely with people through phone/skype/facetime appointments

If you would like to learn more about Go Fetch Wellness, request one of our services, or schedule an appointment, please either contact us through the form on this page, or email/phone listed below.  

Jeff Fink and Earl Fink (CCO- Chief Canine Officer)


Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!

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