What others are saying...




“The clinicians and managers, all shared very positive feedback on the training. They felt you were very personable and had that human element that so often gets lost in trainings. They also really enjoyed your not reading a powerpoint presentation to them. And of course, Earl was a big hit.”

Teri Herrmann CEO, Sparc Programs and Services


"Thank You for sharing your story and Positive Impact Earl has brought to your life. Your visit gave hope to our clients that love and connection with animals brings peace to people's lives struggling with Mental Health and Substance Abuse."

- Denise, CFO, Phoenix Counseling Center


"Jeff and Earl have been remarkable in the way that they have helped my patients. This has been a wonderful adjunct to my therapy and the patients that I have referred to Jeff have all said that this has made a significant difference in their treatment."

- Richard Blue, PhD, ABPP Psychologist, Atlanta, Georgia


"Jeff and Earl did a wonderful job working with my daughter. Jeff is a natural therapist. He and Earl were extremely intuitive, and were able to identify my daughter's emotional needs.. They also helped her work on her social interactions. I highly recommend them!"

- Linda Stamm, PhD, Psychologist


"Jeff's easy going and fun loving nature were a great match for our residents, each with their own unique struggles. He made everyone feel at ease and special when it came time for group. The residents said group therapy with Jeff and Earl was their favorite activity! We highly recommend this team, even for the most difficult clients."

- The Cottages on Mountain Creek, Residential Treatment Center for Mental Illness, Atlanta, Georgia



"Jeff and Earl presented at our monthly NAMI Northside Atlanta educational meeting. His presentation was not only entertaining, but very informative. It showed how unconditional love given by dogs can help those battling the extreme difficulties of living with mental illness. Jeff's insight into and openness about his own struggles added much credibility to what he had to say."

- Dave Lushbaugh, President of NAMI Northside Atlanta

Gilcrest & Earl.jpg

"My residents at Belmont Village eagerly waited for Jeff and Earl's visits. From the moment the announcement was made that they were going to visit, they started talking about past visits. Just the thought of a visit brought smiles. The day Jeff and Earl did visit, residents that were normally passive and quiet, became so excited and were able to recall Earl's name. Spending time with Earl brought back so many happy memories, and wonderful conversations were started. Earl's friendly disposition is perfect for all my residents, but his impact on my Alzheimer's residents was truly remarkable."

-Mary Ellen Wilkins, Program Coordinator, Belmont Village, Atlanta, Georgia



"Jeff gave a compelling and moving presentation at Nami NYC Public Education Event on Animal Assisted Interventions at NYU Langone Medical Center. His presentation, and specifically the impact Earl has had on Jeff's recovery, was not only relatable to each person in the audience, but also encourage alternative approaches to wellness and recovery. Jeff's first-hand knowledge on the subject inspired many audience questions that allowed us to realize the great importance animals can have in an individual's mental health and recovery. We greatly appreciate Jeff's inspirational work with Go Fetch Wellness and his enthusiasm for making this information available to the New York City community."

-Dana Daugherty, Program and Outreach Coordinator, Nami NYC-Metro


"Just wanted to shout out a big 'THANK YOU" for your visit at Kizzy House. It was wonderful meeting you and of course, Earl. We enjoyed sharing our personal stories of our dogs and spending time with you both!"

-Kim, Director of Pibly Kizzy House, Bronx, New York




"Jeff and Earl presented at our counseling center in March 2015. The staff was engaged by his professionalism and honesty. We are so grateful for Jeff’s knowledge on the basics and importance of animal-assisted therapy. His ability to share his personal experience made an impact on how animals can be beneficial to our clients, or anyone else we may know of that struggles with mental illness."  

Diana Barone, LMSW, Client Coordinator, Blanton-Peale Counseling Center


"Before I met Jeff and Earl, I was hardly leaving the house.  I was not interacting with anyone except those very close to me, and I was not exercising or getting any sunlight.  When I first met the two of them, Earl sensed I was not in a good place and came over to me, smiling like he does, and literally sat in my lap!  He let me pet him for the entire session, and this instant bond and non-judgmental love, was a memory I will never forget.  In less than 3 short months, I improved and began leaving the house every session, walking more and more each day.  As I improved, we talked about getting an Emotional Support Dog for me, so I could experience this healing power of dogs daily.  Soon thereafter, I got my own dog, Fiona, who is pictured here.  She has been a lifesaver for me, gets me out of the house 4 times a day, helps me interact with strangers, and has given me a new outlook on life that I never felt was possible.  It’s unbelievable how much having her sweet companionship as I go about tasks makes it easier to bear the hustle and bustle and challenging moments.  Experiences that would have triggered some trauma now seem to have become softer and slip away faster.  As I reflect, I don’t know if I would have gotten here without Jeff and Earl’s support, weekly meetings, ongoing communication, and gentle disposition."

-Laine G, New York City


"Jeff recently presented to Creative Community Services on the therapeutic benefits of incorporating animals into the treatment of those struggling with mood disorders. We were very impressed with his presentation and the amount of information we learned in a short period of time. Our organization works with foster children receiving therapeutic foster care services who have significant emotional and behavioral challenges and families, and we see the direct benefit working with animals would have on our youth. Jeff's captivating presentation will certainly cause us to consider this type of work in the future. "

-Tom Russell, Director of Therapeutic Foster Care


"I just finished reviewing the conference evaluations and people loved your presentation. We’re all so happy to have you as part of the NAMI-NYS family."

- Matthew Shapiro, NAMI New York State Development and Events Coordinator


"Saw a presentation at Nami New York State that was LIFE CHANGING...I now have an emotional support animal that I am training and love to pieces!  Go Jeff and Earl!"  

- Kryssy, Syracuse, NY


"Thank you very much Jeff and Earl for coming to Nami Westchester's Speaker Series!  Your presentation was so touching and engaging. Almost everyone in our audience could relate to your story.  You had a tremendous amount of knowledge about Animal Assisted Therapy and its importance in helping people with mental illness."  

- Karin Stinga, Nami Westchester