Our Vision

Animals create change.


The mission of Go Fetch Wellness is to connect people with animals as part of their mental wellness plan. We strive to educate through speaking, advocate for those suffering, and incorporate animals into the lives of those living with mental health challenges. 

My hope is that others will realize the benefits of incorporating a dog, or other suitable pet, as part of their whole-person approach to mental wellness. We are committed to helping individuals understand that they have a chance to live without being defined by their illness, and to find pleasure in the presence of an animal, and where appropriate, having and caring for an animal of their own.

Our primary focus is on dogs as they can bridge isolation through connection, encourage exercise, and provide a sense of purpose.  Dog's live in the present and by observing them, one can remain more grounded, practice mindfulness, and experience a decrease in anxiety, irritability, and depression.  Through unconditional love and affection, the human-animal bond helps to instill hope. Earl, and other canines like him, can be of great comfort to others, even in their darkest hours.