Our Story

My personal journey down a lonely and difficult path began nearly two decades ago. During that period I had episodes of anxiety and depression that were beyond overwhelming. Numerous failed attempts to gain control of my life led me to search anywhere for even a single tool to help me achieve stability. Traditional therapy, medications, and the constant barrage of differing expert and not-so-expert opinions all added to my confusion and daily turmoil.  

Nothing seemed effective enough to stabilize my inner world, and I understood my salvation would have to come from something outside of myself. I had no confidence that I would find that "something," or really any purpose in life other than getting through each day.

Then one day I picked up my 8 week old golden retriever, Earl. His instantaneous affection, unconditional love, acceptance, non-judgement, and even his snarls (which are his way of smiling), grounded me in a way I had never experienced before. 

With much careful and patient training, Earl became my own mental health service animal, We were, and are, inseparable.  Earl brought smiles to just about everyone who came into contact with him, stimulated conversations for me with strangers, and helped ease the chronic anxiety that had been part of my daily existence for as long as I could remember.  Earl helped reconnect me with the world and, in turn, the world with me.  

Not only did Earl help me in immeasurable ways, but he gave me a purpose in life, which is to share these amazing, natural healing qualities that Earl inherently possesses with others who are struggling and Go Fetch Wellness was born.  

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