• Discover how adding an animal component to your services can set your organization apart from the competition, attract new clientele, and improve outcomes
  • Learn about different assistance animals (therapy, emotional support, and service animal) and hear real life stories of why people chose to work with each
  • Determine the role animals may play in your current programming
  • Discuss how to identify clients that may respond well to the human-animal bond
  • Learn about integrating an animal into your private practice
  • Learn about the history of Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) 
  • Discover the benefits of animals for mental health and addiction recovery
  • Explore options when adding a therapy animal onsite

Mental Health Organizations


Jeff and Earl will lead an interactive, engaging, and thoughtful conversation around mental health.  The focus will be on the role animals play in one's mental wellness and recovery.  Below, you will find some of our highlighted topics, all catered to the unique needs of your organization.