Do you want to make an impact on mental health in your community? Do you have a dog, have access to a friend’s dog, or walk shelter dogs? If you answered yes, you can join us in helping to engage others in meaningful conversations around mental health.

We have launched a brand new initiative that makes volunteering simple, fun, giving you the flexibility to volunteer at your own pace in your own free time.

We believe that animals change lives and can be an incredible catalyst for starting a conversation around mental health. Conversations help to end stigma, encourage people to seek out help, and connect you with your peers and community. While it may seem simple, conversations can literally save lives!

Our first product is a dog bandana that is meant to spark conversations while you walk a dog. They come in 3 colors (Blue, Red, Green).

We are asking for a minimum donation of $10 to our 501c3 nonprofit for each bandana. The donation includes shipping within the U.S. Any additional money you wish to contribute will allow others that can’t afford a bandana to still have access to one.

Thanks in advance for your interest in helping end stigma of mental illness. We hope you make some new friends along the way!

Here is a short video explaining the project:

**Please donate through our homepage link**

Don’t forget to tag a picture with your dog using @gofetchwellness

We will feature you below and on our social channels!