Workplace Mental Health

"Depression tends to affect people in their prime working years and may last a lifetime if untreated. More than 80 percent of people with clinical depression can be successfully treated. With early recognition, intervention, and support, most employees can overcome clinical depression and pick up where they left off"  

Mental Health America

It's not easy to start the conversation, but add a sweet, fluffy, golden-retriever to the mix, people start to open up...

Contact us to learn more about how Go Fetch Wellness can help educate, inspire, and encourage your employees to consider that the state of their mental health is just as important as their physical health.  In addition, we share simple steps people can take to manage their lives and mental wellness while continuing to work productively.  


“Often times a depressed employee will not seek treatment because they fear the affect it will have on their job and they are concerned about confidentiality”

Mental Health America

Why Should Corporations Care about the Mental Health of their employees?

-Productivity is Negatively Affected

-Lives are being lost

-People are Suffering in Silence

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