Changing Seasons


Well, I guess I am one of the worst bloggers of all time!  Haha, at least I remember to update this every few months :)  The team at Go Fetch Wellness has been very busy this last month.  Travels have taken us to Atlanta to present to two separate organizations and see family and friends.  Earl got to work on his doggy tan at the beach, shown below, while I recovered from a bitter winter in NYC.  Even this most humans don't love the arctic temperatures, I think Golden Retrievers would give anything for year round winter!

Today's blog topic is on the transition for dogs from winter to summer.  As summer approaches (and rather fast), many dog owners are having to change their normal routine to adapt to the hot temperature.  Like people, dogs need to adjust to season changes.  Dogs who shed will begin shedding their winter coats, and that is clearly evident by all the balls of fur in your house!  I have noticed that the change of season also brings about more allergies, most commonly seen at excessive itching.  Earl seems to be itching all over, and while nothing is visible on his skin, I attribute it to the shedding and the pollen.  In response to this, I have added more coconut oil to his food and really try to keep up with brushing him several times a week to help with the shedding.  I was also told to hose them off more frequently and dry them thoroughly after rolling around in the pollen filled fields and grassy areas.  Something else to consider is when you are exercising your animals. For me, I take Earl out every morning by 8am and let him run for a good hour.  This is a nice time of the day, and the weather hasn't gotten too hot yet. I notice that his mid day walk is usually cut to a very short trip to the curb to pee and then Earl pulling to get back inside the air conditioning fast!  Something else to consider is that your pets may not be as active with the heat.  When Earl was younger, I thought something was wrong with him because he was so sluggish in the heat.  I finally learned that is pretty normal for big, hairy dog in the summer time so I don't push him too much.  Some additional things to consider are boots if you live in areas where it hovers around 90+ degrees daily. Boots will help protect your dogs feet from blistering on the hot pavement.  Also, always travel with water.  I offer Earl water all the time and even pour it on his ears, as I was told this is a good way to cool a dog off.  

I hope everyone's summer is off to a great start!



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