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Hello out there,

I've decided to start blogging about my experiences both owning a service animal and working with him to help others doing therapy work.  My dog's name is Earl (yes, just like the name of the T.V. show :)  and together we are hoping to change the lives of many.  To begin with, Earl has changed my life beyond what I could ever imagine, so credit is due to him first.  Prior to my getting Earl, I had a very difficult time managing my severe depressions and anxiety.  My condition left me unable to work for long periods of time and really unable to function.  I tried many interventions, yet I was still at the mercy of this unpredictable and devastatingly painful illness.  Medications, therapy, and even many alternative therapies were tried and failed.  However, all that changed the day I picked up this amazing guy pictured to the right. 

Our bond was instant, and the calming affects of having a dog around begin the moment I held him for the first time.  

Through this blog, I plan to take you through our life to the present, and the many experiences we have been through together. You will learn about what it is like to have a service animal helping with mental health, the challenges of raising a puppy, and the rewards of working so closely with a dog.  Currently, my work is focusing on helping others with severe mental illness to get on their own path to healing, and move towards a life that they deserve.  I will speak about the work of Go Fetch Wellness, which I established to cater to those in need with the help of my trusty, furry assistant.  

I learn something new everyday and plan to share new articles along the way, both on mental health and on incorporating dogs into the overall treatment plan.  

I welcome comments from my readers and hope to entertain you while also talking about the real challenges of living with mental illness.  




First time I met Earl, 7.5 weeks old, Springfield, Tennessee

First time I met Earl, 7.5 weeks old, Springfield, Tennessee

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