Animal Placement and Wellness Teams

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Your mental health journey

Go Fetch Wellness acts as a facilitator, connecting all the pieces to make this decision one that is manageable, even amongst the most difficult times. We work closely with people in your community to set up your "dog wellness team." This consists of all or part of the following: psychiatrist, therapist, dog trainer, local animal shelter, family members, and anyone else that is part of your recovery team. We find team members with an understanding of the struggle of mental health challenges as well as an appreciation for the role dogs may play in wellness.

The end goal, for many, is getting a dog. Careful selection and consideration will help ensure a great pairing. We want to set people up for success and give them the tools to integrate their dog into their daily wellness practice.

Contact us to learn more about how we may support you or a loved one. Our main goal is to set you up for success!